The Analyst’s Selection Philosophy

One thing that strikes home in life and making a living from backing horses is that experience is crucial. It takes a long time studying your specialized subject to garner a comprehensive understanding of the factors which dictate the outcome of a Horse Race.

Unique Speed Figures,  Have been the backbone of my success. I create my own Pace and speed figures and generate my own personal assessment of individual horses and have a detailed library going back over ten years.

The Knowledge, the experience to know what is needed to win with the right horse that fits the correct criteria has provided phenomenal results over the years is there in black and white for all to view.

Studying Form – is always an important factor and always incorporated in my final consideration, the more information that can be gained on any Horse is always beneficial and can be used to our advantage at some point throughout the season.

Sire Statistics, There are two sides two each pedigree which are often ignored while nothing is ever written in stone it’s an important dynamic when establishing if the individual Horse will be suited by the surface and distance.

Specialize in One Code, We live in an age where the Horse Racing Industry is totally over saturated, mainly with mediocrity. Trying to incorporate everything is just not possible these days so finding a code or specific type of Race or distance can often be the key to enduring success. I generally prefer to concentrate on Flat Racing where I have produced my biggest profits over the years.

Connections, I have a select few who occasional provide accurate information which helps me with identifying opportunities to establish betting opportunities.

The old Cliche – Value, In my opinion you will always win money long term if you keep taking over the odds. Identifying this isn’t easy, of course, and it takes painstaking work to put a value on what chance each horse has and thus pricing up the race to 100%. Using my knowledge and experience, I look for horses over-priced with the Bookmakers. Numerous factors are taken into consideration – including Jockeys who I rate individually and feel are often underrated by the layers.

Return on Investment  (ROI as you will often see it written) is possibly the most important individual characteristic you should be taking notice of. This will give you a detailed account of how many bets are being sent and at what price. A general guide is that a Good Tipping service will have a 10%+ ROI an exceptional one will have a 20%+ ROI. If it’s not listed (with fully proofed results in advance to a recognised or respectable organisation), that should tell you something isn’t quite right.

Having the Confidence is a huge aspect in being successful is confidence, my track record speaks volumes and all my results are proofed in advanced to independent Professional Journalist Greg Gordon who is highly respected within the industry. No one has a divine right just to turn up and win long term – it’s about discipline and having belief in your own ability.  Since 2009 I have returned clients over £120,000 to £100 level stakes, so I have a track record behind me which stacks up within the higher echelon of Tipping services currently operating within today’s marketplace.

Choices -“In this industry are limitless” we offer a totally transparent service with a contact number where you can discuss options and ask questions. We are also very competitively priced in regards what results we are producing long term.

I provide around 4 -5 bets a week on average and the ROI in 2012 was 26% – if you want to enjoy betting on Horse Racing and make money along the way feel free to get in touch or Join the service at our very competitive rates.